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dChikitsa TeleConsultation

dChikitsa’s solution will help transform your consultation practices, tailored keeping in mind the government guidelines.

dChikitsa EMR / EHR

dchikitsa’s EMR/EHR will help streamline the documentation of patient visit details. Manages clinical workflow with ease and allows the practice to run more efficiently.

dChikitsa Gyne & Obst

dChikitsa’s Gyne-Obst solution covers the functional areas specific to Gyne-Obst specialty. Easy recording of pregnancy and other Gyne-Obst issues.

dChikitsa Pregnancy Wellness

dChikitsa’s Pregnancy Wellness focuses on delivering pregnancy related information and insights to expecting and nursing mothers.

dChikitsa Dental Solution

dChikitsa’s dental Solution is specifically designed to improve your dental practice management. Supports functional area of all dental specialities.


dChikitsa offers ABDM SaaS Plug-In solution to help you comply with the ABDM standards at minimum cost and technical requirements.


Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission SaaS Plug-In

ABDM Based Health Information Provider

Discover and link patient’s care contexts and exchange of health information.

ABDM Based Health Information User

Request and receive patient’s health data safely and securely, plus manage data lifecycle.

ABDM Based Health Locker

Access health records anywhere and anytime.

Why you should choose us

Complete HealthCare Solution

Covers consultations for General Physician to specialty care: Gynecology, Obstetrics, Dentistry and many more.

ICD 10 / 11 :

Add diagnosis using the International Classification of Diseases and its derivative classifications.


Primary terminology for capturing all the clinically relevant information.

Prescription Management

It is pre-populated with the drug codes released by NRCES and is capable of supporting your own Drug Database.


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